Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun Day

We had a fun day yesterday. We went to Manhattan Beach, it was a bit chilly and windy, but it was sure nice to sit on the warm sand. Andre had a lot of fun looking at the water, running on the sand, playing with his sand toys, and playing catch with Dad and Grandpa. He was really excited about going to the beach, he kept repeatedly saying "beach", "ocean", and the inhabitants of the latter - "Nemo", "Dori" and "whale".

One of the favorites - throwing sand up into the air

Andre decided to follow the tracks of the lifeguard truck, and if Jeff were not to go and get him, he would have gone far far away. He caught him about 300 yards away from where we were. Andre never happened to look back.
It was Harper's first time at the beach, he slept through most of it

After the beach we went to Jeff's parents hotel, where Andre got to swim. Andre loves swimming, and I think if it was for up to him, he would stay in the pool all day long.

Andre is a very brave fearless kid. He loved jumping off the side into the pool. We still have to work on him jumping in only when we are there, as he ran off from Jeff and jumped into the pool a few feet away from him. He stayed under water for a couple of seconds, until Jeff got to him. Pretty scary. I guess we should get him those arm cuffs that will help him stay afloat.

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Little Crazies said...

Hey Mashka! How are you? I hope you're all doing well and adjusted to the life with two kids :) Hey, i love your pics? especially the last one where Andre closed his eyes before jumping in to the water :) adorable