Saturday, June 6, 2009

Violet's Birthday

A friend of mine, Ashleigh, asked me to help her with her daughter's first birthday cake. Violet loves her rubber ducky toy, so the birthday was themed just that. We definitely had a cake saga, let's just say 2 times the batter failed to rise (as it said it would in the instructions) to fill in the 3-D pan. Ashleigh and I ended up staying up through the night - I came home at 6:30 am! I then took a 3-hour power nap and then had to make the lettering. I then hurried over to Ashleigh's house to finish the cake before the party. As you can tell, the lack of sleep shows - 'Happy BirHTday" - we were able to catch the error and fix it. All in all - the cake turned out pretty cute.

Here's the fixed version:

Birthday girl with her parents

The Duck was Violet's smash cake

Harper decided to be all proper, and use a fork to eat his piece of cake - I had no idea he could do that!
Cake-eating duo
Andre enjoyed playing with his friend Felipe

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Little Crazies said...

wow, mashka... you're my insiration! i wish i could make cakes like that...