Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Claremont Trips

About a month ago my back went out while doing none else, but picking up toys. I must have twisted in some weird way trying to reach a toy, and instantly I experienced excruciating pain, I could not bend down. As I though it was some kind of nerve that I pinched, I decided to go play ball a couple of days later, hoping it would un-tweak it. Though I felt alright playing 4 games straight, at the beginning of the fifth game my back just stopped functioning and the pain worsened. After unsuccessful visits to my physician, and non-working pain-killers and muscle relaxants, I turned for help to our friend Scott Vance. He is an amazing chiropractor, and even after the first appointment I could feel an improvement. Since Scott and Lisa still live in Claremont, it gave me a great excuse to go and visit our old friends once a week. I also got to take the kids to the pool, which Andre loves, but has no opportunity of doing here in LA (lack of friend with pools). I figured I should document this as Harper's first time in the pool. The water was a bit chilly and I wouldn't say he loved it, but he definitely endured. (Thanks Marquette for letting us use your pool)

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