Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Andre's 3rd Birthday Party

Since we are leaving to o to Ukraine on the day of Andre's actual birthday we moved Andre's birthday up a week. Andre was very excited about his birthday party and about 3 weeks in advance he reminded us: "My birthday is in week" , he would continue "I see friend, get presents, Pluto cake". About a week before his birthday he was announcing it to everyone (aka strangers anywhere we went - store, park, etc.) The day of the party he woke up and first thing he said was "It's my birthday". It was very cute to see that for the first time he really cared about his birthday. We let Andre open one of his presents in the morning - it was "Junglebook" DVD

Andre requested a Pluto cake, and as many times I tried to convince him that Mickey Mouse cake would be just as fun, he insisted on Pluto. Therefore, I had no choice, but to make a Pluto cake. The ears are made out of rice krispy treats and covered in fondant, so the whole cake was edible.
Can you tell he is excited?
Jeff made the straucture of the pinata, and I painted the face of Mickey on it. My friend Ashleigh came over the night before and helped me pain the ears while I was working on the poster (I free handed Pluto and baloons, and then painted over).
And here's the video of Andre singing "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme song:

While we were setting up for the party, Andre made his own kind of cake. He even found a leaf to represent a candle.
Andre opening his presents
The coolest present Andre got was from his friend who lives down the street. His name is Julian and he is a few months older than Andre. He had an idea that Andre would like to get some rolly-pollies, so his mom Natalie got him a little jar, he went out in their front yard, caught about 5 bugs and even created an enviroment for them by putting in a rock, a few leaves, and a flower. Kids are too funny.
Violet is watching Andre playing with his new present
Setting up Andre's new goal posts - Andre present from Jeff's co-worker Flo (thanks)
Mike is very focused on figuring out the transformer. I have to admit Jeff has enjoyed the present just as much.

One of the drawbacks of having a party at the park is that it is almost impossible to light the candles due to the wind. We had a second of calm and Andre was able to blow out his candles, needless to say I had no time to take the picture, so he was nice enough to stage it for me.
Despite Andre really wanting a Pluto cake he didn't take a bite of it and preferred ice-cream, and then candy.

Phoebe working the pinata
Andre was the one to break the pinata, our little strong man

Candy frenzy
Andre definitely came out a winner


Lisa said...

masha, that looks like an incredible amount of work. way to go mom. marhta stewart would be so proud. what is fondant?

Masha said...

Rolled fondant is dough-like pliable and stretchy sugar-based substance that is often used to decorate wedding cakes. I am sure you have seen it before. Andre's cake is completely covered in it. You pretty much frost the cake, the roll out the fondant and cover the cake, it gives the cake a smooth appearance. I make my fondant out of marshmellows, which is easy and inexpensive. Google it and try it, it's kind of fun.

Britney and Jaren Jensen said...

Masha, you know I think your skills are amazing. I LOVE your Pluto cake, pinata, and birthday sign!!! Seriously, I need you to be the party planner/maker for my next birthday. Andre is such a lucky boy!!! Very fitting theme for you Cali people. Miss you much, and have fun on your trip! Oh this baby is due july 20th