Monday, February 4, 2008

The Getty Museum

Ryan was here last week for job training and he came to stay with us on Friday. We decided to go to the Getty museum, which is only 5 miles away from our house. For those of you who have never been there - it's a wonderful museum with many different exhibits, which include famous masterpieces by many famous artists - Van Gogh, Raphael, Rambrandt, Monet, etc. We had a great time there. We decided to go on a short guided highlights tour. Andre didn't last too long, so I had toleave and go play with him outside, while Jeff and Ryan continued with the tour and then also went on their own to look at the paintings.

Andre loved the ride up on the tram from the parking garage to the museum
The view from the museum onto Century City (closer skysrapers) and downtown LA (far skyscrapers)Andre and I got only to be in the 2 rooms of the museum, though got to see more famous works of art. The one above is a piece by Claude Monet - "Wheatstacks".

This paintins is famous "Irises" by Van Gogh. The museum acquired this piece for $60 million and it is the most requested piece to see at the museum.

Since Andre didn't want to sit in the stroller any longer and started getting loud, I took him out. Luckily themuseum has a room for kids, where they can do some creative projects connected with the exhibits.
Andre enjoyed playing with swivel mirrors

This section was set up like one of the antique furniture bed pieces in the museum. You could sit down there and read a book. As you can tell Andre preferred bouncing.

This is the opposite side of the mirror room, where they had a bunch of magnetic cutouts of animals, that you could arrange any way you want. Here Andre is deciding on the placement of the bunny.

Here they had a bunch of dry-erase markers and you could draw on the wall with them. It had enlarged piece of beautiful book penmanship/art, with some empty spots to fill in. Andre went crazy.

One of the other rooms, where they had this soft tubing, and holes in the wall, so you could rearrange and connect it in many different ways.

After playing - snack time


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We have a new blog at the Getty, and we would love to link to this fun post. Would that be OK with you?


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Andre is getting so big! That looks like a really fun place to visit!