Sunday, August 22, 2010

Idaho and Island Park

Jeff took the boys for a week to his family reunion in Island Park. This was the first time I was ever away from the boys for an extended period of time, and boy did I miss my kiddos! I have to admit the first couple of days were nice and quiet, but after that I was ready to have them back.  The fact that both of them got sick during the trip, didn't help to ease the separation. Andre had fever and was very hoarse, he got a prescription of antibiotic. Harper picked up from Andre and got viral croup and had to stay at the hospital overnight, with IV pumping steroids to help him breathe. Fortunately his recovery was quick and the next day he felt and behaved like nothing ever happened! That was tough for me and I kept calling Jeff almost every hour to check on the status of the little guy. But the good news were that both of them recovered very quickly and were able to enjoy playing with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles.
Andre got to see 6 moose during the trip, take a canoe ride with  Jeff and uncle Ryan (unfortunately Harper didn't get to go, since Jeff also got sick), the boys got to enjoy playtime with their cousins Coleman and Brooke, swam in the swimming pool and much more. Here are a few pictures from their trip.
Playing with cousin Cole
Picking raspberries
The cabin in Island Park

The boys looking at the trout and the birds
What a silly kid! Love the face!
Ben, Diantha, Cole and Brooke
2 out of 6 moose of the trip
Yellowstone's hot spring, one of many. Once again, love Andre's expression

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