Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So here it is - Harper's Captain Hook costume! It was quite a bit more elaborate than Andre's so it took me a little longer to sew it. To our surprise Harper kept his wig and hat on!!! Who would have thought!
I am being attacked by Peter Pan armored with Captain Hook's sword and hook! Oh no!
My cute guys. I really wanted to have our whole family dressed as 'Peter Pan' characters, but I got burned out making the kids costumes - maybe next year (I will have to start early :)
We got to go to two Halloween parties. On Friday the boys and I drove out to Claremont to visit our old friends. Unfortunatelly Jeff had to work and couldn't go with us.

Andre and his friend Crson. Those two were pretty inseparable the whole night. They kept trading their hat and helmet, their swords, and were really cute playing with each other.
Happy captain Hook
(this picture makes me wish I had a better camera)
Andre playing one of the games (notice he got one of the rings onto a pumkin, not too easy of a task if you ask me)
Checking out the goodies

The joy of candy

Since it was hard to find time during the week to carve our pumpkins, we did it on the morning of Halloween. Here are the boys hard at work.

Jeff and Andre made a little Jack Skellington pumpkin (Andre is totally obsessed with Jack Skellington, and already picked him to be a theme for his birthday party in 8 months!!!)
I carved a dragon, but wasn't able to take a good picture of it lit.

Walking to our ward's Halloween Party
Andre rolling the pumpkin
Bean bag throwing
Real trick-or-treating. Andre love it (as was anticipated) and as soon as he got the candy he would say "Okay, let's go to the next house!". Harper caught on to the whole thing rather quickly and would say "tick-o-tee"

Too bad Jeff's head got in the way, but still a cute picture

The loot


Scrappycook said...

Wow! You are very talented - the boys look adorable!

Contessa Elegante said...

Wow! Those costumes are amazing!! Way to go!!

The Dials said...

Good job on the costumes!!! Your boys are so adorable.

Lindsay said...

They are amazing costumes! I love Harper's wig. haha!