Saturday, September 5, 2009


I finally found some time to post some pictures of what we have been doing since we got back. Andre had a list of things he wanted to do when we returned, and one of them was going to the beach, which we did the first weekend back. The boys as always had a blast, and so did Jeff boogie boarding. I, in the midst of all things, forgot to apply any sunscreen to myself, and considering how long we stayed and how hot it was, my shoulders had no chance.

Я наконец-то нашла немного времени добавить новые фотографии. Так как у Андрея был список того чем он хотел бы заняться по возвращению, мы сразу же приступили к его выполнению. В первые же выходные мы поехали на океан. Мы все очень насладились солнечной погодой и удивительно теплым (для Калифорнии) океаном.

Harper got brave and went into the water
Харпер набрался смелости и зашел в океан
And here he is running away from it - he doesn't really like cold water (actually that day the water was the warmest I have ever felt)
И сразу же быстро выбежал

Andre was much braver, in fact it was hard to get him away from the water, he just kept going back for more
Андрея, как всегда, было тяжело оттащить от воды

My little man
Future surfer
Будущий серфер

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Misty said...

Harper is getting so big. He's looking more and more like Jeff.