Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

I know it was a bit too late for it, as Halloween happened 3 days before we carved our pumpkin, but oh well. It just seemed we were all too tired to do it on a weekday, and I didn't buy the pumpkin until the day before Halloween. We had fun carving it. Jeff cut out the topp and cleaned the inside. Andre wasn't sure about touching the goo inside at first, but then he really got into it. My job was to actually carve out the image. We did it in the morning, but waited until dark to put the candle inside and show it to Andre. He was a little afraid at first and didn't want me to move away or leave him. After being around the jack-o-lantern for a little bit and figuring out that it wasn't scary after all, he really liked it. He kept on climbing up onto our dining room table to sit and look at it.
Notice the skull tattoo on Andre's arm.

End product. Funny that the pictures were taken in the dark, but our camera made it look like it was the early morning, like when we carved it.

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Misty & Rick said...

That is some unbelievable carving Masha. How cool!