Friday, September 28, 2007

Late September

So the lack of a car really limits our daily options of fun things to do. Our routine is about the same everyday, hence the lack of posts. We go to the same park every afternoon. It is a mile away from our apartment, so it's a pretty good exercise for me. Andre loves to climb the structures on the playground, go down the slides, and steal other kids' sand toys (he does have his own, but as you know the grass is always greener on the other side :)
Looking at the pigeons
One of the rare time that Andre is actually playing with his own toys
Notice how the bucket was half full on the previous picture, well he dumped it out on his head. It's a regular practice for him :)
Sand... Who can I throw it at?
Filling up the bucket (notice the sand in his hair)
Enough of playing with my toys, on to better things
Playing with some older kids
Before Church. We dressed Andre in a warmer outfit as it got a bit chilly. He thought the hat was the funniest thing, and couldn't stop grinning while looking at himself in the mirror.

Daddy and Andre - aren't they a handsome bunch?

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