Monday, October 21, 2013


Once again the basketball season is here. I love watching the boys play my favorite sport. I love seeing the development of their skills, building of the new friendships and expressions of joy on their faces. This is the first time that I am taking a backseat and not coaching them. (To be honest - I still coach them, individually; and yes I am the crazy parent on the sideline telling my kid what to do). As I now realize it is hard to see your child mess up when I know what they did wrong as it is normal to want your child to be the best at anything they do. 
Harper is playing in YMCA Culver-Palms league for 4-5 year olds. They play on 8 foot rims. He has a great coach and awesome teammates.
 Though they only had 1 practice before this game, Harper was met with embraces and excited exclamations from his teammates about his arrival.

Though Harper didn't score any baskets, he did great on defense (had a couple of blocks too) and had a few good passes. There is definitely a room for him to grow and skills to learn and I am looking forward to him having a great experience this season and nurture a desire to improve even more.


Andre also plays in a YMCA league. Though he is 7 he runs in the league for 8-9 year olds. He is more than excited to have his friend Caleb (who he goes to school with and who he was in the same kindergarten class with) on his team. (I will take some picture next time).

I was a little disappointed when Andre returned from a summer with his dad and announced that he did not want to play basketball anymore, and that baseball would be his sport. I told him that I will sign him up for baseball, however he has to participate in some sort of sport before baseball season starts in the spring. He resisted going to workouts a couple of times (since that meant not playing video games for those two hours on the weekend), but he always came away happy and glad that he did it.
 Andre now continues to train with BFT and is quick to improve his skills. He now started building friendships with some of the kids there and that comradery makes him want to come back again and again.

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