Saturday, January 22, 2011

Car Accident

Last Thursday the boys and I were in a car accident. It was a rather scary experience and I feel lucky that all of us are alive. The short story - we were in the left lane going through an intersection on a green light, when the car from an oncoming traffic turned left right in from of us without yielding. The boys are competely fine, Andre had a seatbelt abbrasion and bruise from a seatbelt on the right side of his neck. Me and my friend Aimee (who also happens to be Andre's preschool teacher) didn't fair as well. Whiplash has been really bad and my whole back hurts, not to mention a constant headache that has not subdued since the accident. I am going to the chiropractor and hopefully that will solve all the problems, I wish it was instant though.
My car is detemined to be a total loss and I should get a check sometime next week to buy a different car. I have been looking online for a car and so far I haven't seen too much of what I am looking for. Here are a few pictures of the damage to my car:


Contessa Elegante said...

Yikes! How awful! I'm so glad you guys are ok and I hope you're able to deal with the pain! So, so sorry!

Lisa said...

Hey Masha,

I hope you are doing better! SO sorry to hear about the accident. Any luck on finding a new car?? Your boys have grown! I guess that is what happens huh.. We love you guys! Be safe!!!