Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Andre had his well check up yesterday. Here are his stats:

Weight - 38.9 lbs or 17.6 kg (74th percentile)
Height - 41.5 in or 105.4 cm (75th percentile)

He also got his vision and hearing checked. Andre did great on the vision test. It was really cute to watch him cover his eyes and name the letters the nurse was pointing at. He did great and his vision is perfect 20/20 (which is better than most kids have at this age). He also had a hearing test, and once again he passed with flying colors.

The cutest part of the whole visit was Harper imitating and doing everything Andre was. When the nurse asked Andre to take off his shoes, Harper quickly dropped to the floor and started removing his shoes as well. I had to hold him back while Andre was getting weighed as he was trying to squeeze onto the scale with him. And pretty much the whole visit went the same way, when Andre was taking the vision test, Harper was trying to cover his eye and call out random letters. What a cutie!

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The Dials said...

Wow, I can't believe Andre is 4! Crazy to think we have been gone for 2 years already. You're cake looked amazing.