Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a fun Easter. The weekend before the Easter kids were able to participate in a fun egg hunt. We also enjoyed a nice brunch at that party as well. Nap-less Andre decided to be a pain in the rear and refused to do the egg hunt with the rest of the kids. When he finally came around to wanting to do it, there were no easy eggs to find. Luckily I was the one who hid the eggs, so I was able to help him find some in the tricky places no one happen to look. IMG_2003 2IMG_2019 2  The boys checking out the goods I thought this was a funnyIMG_2008 2 expression on Andre’s faceIMG_2026 2 On Easter day the bunny came and filled the boys’ baskets. Unlike previous years, I decided to skip egg hunt in the house (was too lazy and plus the kids already participated in one the week before)

IMG_2032 2   IMG_2050 2IMG_2037 2

Happy boys. Needless to say the candy was gone quick! 

IMG_2042 2

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