Monday, January 4, 2010


I knew there was a reason why I intuitively never put down both kids to bed at the same time, today I got the proof that I should continue to stick with my gut feeling. When the boys refused to eat their dinner, and upon a few warnings from Jeff (that if they didn't eat their dinner they were going to be put to bed) and them not listening, they were both put to bed. I was very tired from all the unpacking from the trip and other chores of the day, so I went to lay down while all of the boys were finishing up their dinner. While laying down and resting in the bedroom I ended up falling asleep at around 8 pm! At 8:30 pm a yell from Jeff with the request of needed help woke me up. And this is the picture - Harper completely naked in the crib covered in poop!!! Apparently Andre thought Harper either wanted to be naked or that he needed a diaper change. At any rate, Andre thought that he was the right man for the job, and helped Harper remove his one-piece pajamas and his diaper. Thanks, son! (Note to self: never put the kids to bed at the same time.)


Scott and Jeanne Anderson said...

OHH!!! We are so sorry, but thanks for the little chuckle. Scott says," That's one of those things you read before you are a parent and think 'That would never happen', and then when you actually are a parent you realize That it HAPPENS A LOT"! I still remember the first time Scott experienced a major blowout alone with a kid in the crib. Lets just say Louisa just might know what her own poo tastes like! ACK!

joni said...

That is the worst thing I have ever heard. I would have pretended I was sill asleep and let Jeff deal with that one! You are one brave mom! :)

Spencer and Jennifer Lee said...

Nice! I don't put my kids down together either, double trouble!