Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mother of two

Today, the brutal reality of being a mom of two kicked in - and the kids didn't help me ease into it - both of them woke up at 2:30 a.m. and refused to go back to sleep. Andre was woken up by Harper's whimpers signaling that it was time for him to eat. I thought Andre would go right back to sleep, but not so. While I was nursing Harper, he kept on calling out for me, while screaming 'no' and crying. I had to wake Jeff up, so he could take care of Andre since I obviously was in no position to do so. Upon failed attempts of Jeff to get him to go to sleep in his own bed, Jeff brought him into our bedroom. He wanted his Mom, not his Dad, and seeing me nurse Harper didn't sit too well with him either. Andre then started asking for milk, juice, monkey George and every other thing possible. When I finished nursing Harper and put him in his port-a-crib, the little stinker refused to go right back to sleep right away, but decided to stay up and have a little party with his brother. After about an hour of putting the binky in and covering Harper, and telling Andre it was not ok to watch Curious George, but it was time to sleep, I gave up and woke Jeff up once again (I wish I could sleep as deep as he does - what a blessing!). Since Andre wanted me, I had Jeff take Harper and go into the living room with him. Andre finally fell asleep around 4 am, upon which I went into the living room and found Jeff laying on the couch and Harper being propped upright by him - upon my entry Jeff announced "I guess Harper wanted to sit up!". Wow, surely I was hoping to find Harper asleep, but I guess as long as he didn't cry that satisfied Jeff. (Thanks honey for being a sport and waking up - I really do appreciate it - it is much better than trying to juggle both kids by myself in the middle of the night.) I had then Jeff go to bed and I stayed up with Harper and rocked him to sleep by 4:30. Just as I finally fell asleep, 5:30 rolled around and Andre was up ready for the new day!!! I sure hope that was just one night, and that we all can get on a better schedule...

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