Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Days Home

On our way home from the hospital. I hate the fact that you have to sit in the wheelchair - I'm not handicapped!
My two cute boys
Granparents with the boys
Tummy time
Andre giving kisses...

...and being nice to Harper (looks more like Andre administering CPR)
more kisses
Though Andre has been surprisingly good to his little brother, we did get him a doll. He can push it in the stroller for hours. He also likes to immitate me and everything I do with Harper. It's really cute.
Here's your binky
Harper and I

All of my boys


Brian & Monica said...

Isn't it funny how they make sit in a wheel chair on the way out of the hospital. (I really hope that they made you and not bc you were in pain etc...) Cuz, you know when you get home you are going to be taking care of two kids and will never have a moments rest ever again! :) JK He's so cute! Your parents are so cute too! I wish I could come over to visit. Love ya!

Юнитрейд said...

We are very happy for you!!! Andre is so affectionate. It's such a great and beautiful family you have!!!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Johnson family!!

Little Crazies said...

masha you are the best!! Congrats!