Thursday, December 27, 2007

Almost Christmas

Andre and Piper seeing each other for the first time since last Christmas. Boy have they changed!
Playing and singing - a true performer

This was taken on Saunday before Christmas. Andre is wearing his Ukrainian shirt.

Here is Jesse with his fiance Karen. They are getting married the exactly same day our baby is due. Sorry Jess, not going to be there.

On Sunday night we went to see Christmas lights by the temple. Andre LOVES Christmas lights and every time he sees them he says "Oh wow". It's really cute, if he is especially impressed with the display, he really prolongs the 'wow'.

Here's our family, Andre didn't want to stay still even for a second.

On Christmas Eve the whole family went out for breakfast in Manhattan Beach. It was really yummy.

Cute Piper
По усам текло, а в рот не попало
On the pier in Manhattan Beach

I thought this picture was cute, as I caught Andre running with both of his feet in the air.
Andre watching the waves.

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Димочка, Лена и Макс Мерещак said...

Машенька, привет! Вы такие молодцы! Очень красивая фотография, особенно где кто-то из вас вдалеке в море!:) Андрюшка - просто замечательный мальчик! А на фотке, где "По усам текло, а в рот не попало" кажется поильник фирмы "Nuby"! мы уже тоже знаем..))
А тебе - отдельный респект! 25 недель уже! Не так легко это счастье дается, дай бог вам в этом плане! В апреле ждем! ВСЕ!!! а уже известно кто? скажете?