Friday, August 17, 2007

Idaho - Island Park

It has been quite a while since I last posted (our move to Los Angeles kept me quite busy.) So now I am posting pictures we took this summer. We love our new apartment in LA, it is twice as big as the old one and has 2 bedrooms (hooray! Andre moved out of our bedroom) - The pictures are to come next week or so.
The following pictures are the most recent ones. Andre and I went to Idaho (we are actually still in Idaho until Thursday), Jeff couldn't go as he had to work. We went to a resort called Island Park, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. Andre loved it there. I got to golf a few times, innertube down the river, go canueing. It was a lot of fun!

Jeff's family

Striking a pose... He just figured it out and thinks it's hilarious!
Beautiful view

With uncle Ryan

What's so funny?

Future pro-golfer

He figured out where the ball had to go

Andre first lollipop. He enjoyed it very much. Ryan and I - not so, as he kept on making us and himself sticky everywhere. He had a nice bath when we got back to the cabin.


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