Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Andre!

Too many presents! I think we need to stop by the orphanage and drop some of these off.
The busy ball bopper kept Andre busy for several seconds. Then it was on to other toys.

At the party--we had lots of fun swimming in the pool.

Don't worry, the boy had plenty of sunscreen on.

playing "Pass the Parcel" with the children.
Masha made a lovely curious George cake, all set about with strawberries and the little ballon was Andre's cake.

Just disovering that frosting tastes good.
Whoa! I can't waste any more time--I'll just plant my face right in it.
mmm... what a delightful pastry. Do I detect a hint of spiced rum flavoring, or would that be a swirl of candied cinnamon apple? Bravo!

Is that a hobo that just fell into a nuclear waste dump?

We always wondered what Andre would look like with Bluto's beard.
The cake....its....its uh... beaten me, ma. I can't stand it anymore, yet I can't look away.

Never mind, I got my second wind. If I can just fit this whole piece in at once...

(just play the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey" in your head for this picture (below)). Any wonder we had monkeys as the theme for the party?
Does someone me up here...I can't seem to move on my own power no more.
After being hosed off.

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